First of it’s Kind in the Pacific Northwest


Dinner at 6:30 pm on Friday May 27th and Saturday May 28th, 2016…..look for authentic chuck wagons setup behind the grandstands.   Line up and with a ticket choose the chuck wagon to serve you.   Once the dinner bell rings, dig into the best food ever!

Thank You 2014 Chuck Wagon Sponsors

Chuck Wagon Dinner Tickets:

Tickets are $10 per adult/meal and $7.50 per child/meal Tickets can be purchased at the Dayton Chamber of Commerce office at 166 E. Main Street or call 509-382-4825 through Thursday, May 21st and after that at the Mule Mania Logo Store at the Columbia County Fairgrounds.  Mule Mania Contestant, Stalls, and Camping registration

Meet our Chuck Wagons

Prosperity Flats – Maple Valley, Washington

John and Sandra Sullivan, Randy Hawkins
This 1905 Weber Wagon was restored to museum quality by owners John and Sandra Sullivan.  It was on a ranch in West Texas until the Sullivans purchased the remmants of the original wagon.  All the iron parts and two axles (wooden) are original.  Paint chips were computer scanned for original colors.  The chuckbox and pantry were made in accordance with pictures of the Matador Ranch Chuckwagon in Texas.

Paradise Rose – Arlington, Oregon

Rod McGuire, Lori McGuire, John Spain
Original Peter Schuttler Wagon built in the late 1800’s.  The Wagon is all original except for the chuck box.  This wagon is used on a daily basis for chuck wagon catering year around.
The Paradise Rose has competed in Lubbock, Texas in 2008 and placing amongst 33 wagons.

Musselshell Wagon – Round Up, Montana

Dan & Carol McCaffree
1895 Moline Rocky Mountain Special Wagon.  Lots of period gear, an unique outfit.
Welcome to camp on the Musselshell.  The end of the great divide!

Clatier Family Wagon – Rupert, Idaho

Tony Clatier, Diana and Adam
1922 WW Wagon, used on the UV Ranch in Northern Nevada until after WWII,
then was elected to the Pioneer Hall of Fame.

Coyote Mule Wagon – Cottonwood, Idaho

Owned by Coyote Mule Company – Barney & Bobbi Chambers
Head cooks Judy and Gary Porter of Grangeville, Idaho
The Coyote Mule Co. wagon was fully restored by Les Myers in 2005.  The wagon is a 1870 Thornhill, sold by Combs – Comer and Co., Celina, Tenn.   The Coyote Mule Company bar horseshoe brand has been used by the Chambers family since 1880.  Originating in Pagosa Springs Colorado as a cattle and sheep ranch, this brand has been used by the family from Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and currently today in Idaho.  Look for fine mules carrying this brand and you will know it is a Coyote mule.

Lightening A Chuck Wagon – Chewalah, Washington

Owned by Les and Pat Myers
Head cooks Les and Pat Myers
Pat and I have purchased a new old wagon and have been turning it into a Chuck wagon. The wagon is an 1890’s Weber wagon. Weber started building wagons in 1845 and in the 1900’s was bought out by International Harvester. We have made is as authentic as possible.

Krause Wagon – Milton-Freewater, Oregon
Smokey Mountain Catering

Owned by Ron Krause
Head cook John Sicocan
This wagon was loaded into a pickup in many pieces with broken down wheels, no tongue, and not much left of a farmer built box.  It came from the front yard of a farm south of Walla Walla, WA and was probably not used on that farm.  The maker is unknown as well as its history.  There were few, if any, clues to help identify the original.  Ron Krause of Walla Walla, began the restoration and transformation to a chuck wagon in 2010.  He has done a number of wagons, buggies, carts, trying to save a little of our history.  The chuck wagon has been displayed at the Fort Walla Walla Days weekend the last two years.  This a living history weekend at the museum.
This chuck wagon was restored to look like it was put in a barn in 1920 and kept here until now.  We pulled it out, greased the wheels and stocked I for a cook off!